Hello and welcome to J.D. Hypnotherapy Services. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and provide hypnotherapy treatment at my Stevenage practice ideally located for all surrounding towns and villages in Hertfordshire. Jonathan Jarrett DHP Acc.Hyp. Cert.Hyp CS MHS PHPA
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‘Through the practice of hypnotherapy we can help to overcome various problems that many of us are faced with and help to take back control of our lives.’

The hypnotic process

Hypnosis is achieved with the help and guidance of the hypnotherapist to enter a completely natural state of deep relaxation. When this has been achieved the conscious mind can be bypassed, allowing the subconscious part of the mind to be more receptive and open to new positive suggestions. When this state of mind has been achieved the therapist can help and assist the client with the power of suggestion to change the way they think or feel towards an issue they wish to address and to challenge any negative thought patterns associated to help overcome the problems they are faced with. This can be achieved by applying various different hypnotherapy suggestions and techniques.

Throughout the therapy session the client will often feel a greater sense of relaxation and experience the benefits of hypnosis and afterwards feel relaxed and refreshed.

Within the hypnotic state the client will remain at all times in complete control and will not do or say anything unless they wish to do so and can choose to come out of the hypnosis whenever desired.

The power of hypnotherapy can provide help to manage anxiety levels, due to unwanted phobias and addictions, whilst providing new positive thought patterns to challenge the old negative thoughts. Promoting a greater sense of confidence and well-being and helping to gain a sense of control of our feelings and emotions. Providing a new positive pattern of change for the future.


Some of the issues Hypnotherapy can help with, to name a few include symptoms of

Anxiety issues / Stress / Emotional Issues / Panic Attacks / Self Esteem / Aiding Relaxation / Weight Problems / Phobias / Fear of Heights / Fear of Flying / Fear of spiders / Fear of driving / Public Speaking / Poor sleep / relationships / Guilt / confidence / bad habits / Pain / Stop smoking / etc.

For all the above mentioned and many more, a bespoke individual treatment plan would be devised to suit the clients requirements which would be discussed in detail with the client prior to any treatment undertaken. A number of sessions would then be carried out over a period of time usually once a week to help achieve the desired goal.

About me

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist based in Stevenage Hertfordshire and have a keen interest in helping others to overcome their fears and work towards achieving success with the aiding of relaxation through hypnosis.

For many years I have worked in the construction industry, working my way up to become a company director. I have progressed having gained vast experience in social and listening skills to be able to communicate and assist both in a working environment and the general public too. I have since chosen to develop these skills in the practice of hypnotherapy.

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